In order to ensure the safety and security of our students it is expected that students will follow certain rules and procedures. The ‘Irish Rule’ is strict but fair and helps to ensure students improve their communication skills on our courses.


  1. Pupils may not leave the campus for any reason whatsoever without the permission of the Coláiste Principal. Parents/Guardians must sign their child out should they wish to bring them to a match or other activity and sign them back in on return to the campus.
  2. Mobile phones are collected at the start of each camp and are returned to students approximately once every three days to facilitate home contact. Further home contact can be facilitated though the Principal.
  3. Bullying will not be tolerated at Coláiste Laighean, as per our anti-bullying and child protection policies.
  4. Consumption/possession/being under the influence of cigarettes, vapes, alcohol, or other drugs is prohibited.
  5. Pupils must be in their assigned accommodation by 10.30pm and must remain there until 8.30am the following day.
  6. Serious company-keeping is not allowed and it is left to the discretion of the Principal to deal with this sensibly in the best interest of the student, parent and college.


As the purpose of the course is to develop the pupil’s Irish language fluency, Coláiste Laighean has a strict but fair rule regarding communication:

  1. If a student speaks a complete sentence in English, they will receive a verbal warning.
  2. If a student speaks a complete sentence in English for the second time, they will receive a further verbal warning.
  3. If a student speaks a full sentence in English a third time, their parents are informed.
  4. If a student speaks a full sentence in English a fourth time they will have to be removed from the course and picked up by their parents/guardians.






A high standard of behaviour and good manners is required at all times. Students must obey the direction of staff. Disrespect, persistent disobedience, unruly behaviour or bullying towards staff or fellow students, will not be tolerated and warrants expulsion. Failure to comply with these rules will warrant expulsion and no reimbursement of fees is permitted, no exceptions will be made.


Certain areas within each college are out of bounds at different times of the day and/or evenings. Students will be advised of all these areas on arrival. No students may enter these out of bounds areas at these times.



Any pupil found stealing or vandalising property is liable to be expelled. Pupils will be charged for damages or graffiti to the college buildings, equipment, furniture or to another student’s belongings.



If a student is in breach of the above rules so as to warrant expulsion, the course Principal will immediately contact the parents/guardians to advise them of the situation.

The expelled student will either be collected by his/her parents/guardians on the day of the expulsion. Otherwise the student will be sent home by public transport. It is the parents/guardians responsibility or the persons designated to act on their behalf to ensure a responsible adult will be available to receive a student thus expelled. Coláiste Laighean accepts no responsibility for any student following expulsion.

An expulsion comes into effect from the moment that the student is advised that he/she is being expelled. Students therefore are not advised of their expulsion until shortly before the time they are due to depart the college. It should be noted that once a student has been advised of their expulsion, he/she will not be allowed any further association with the other students.

The decision of the Principal in relation to the interpretation and implementation of the rules and all matters in relation to discipline shall be final and binding.

Please note that it is not our intention to send anyone home. We hope that all students will enjoy the course safely and leave with a better standard of Irish. However, we will implement our rules to ensure the success of our courses and the safety and security of our students and staff. In the unlikely event that your child is expelled from the Coláiste, course fees are non-refundable.