Students arriving with parents are expected to register between 5.00pm and 7.00pm on the date of commencement.

Students will check in with their Parents/Guardians in the Sports Centre and will pay any fees outstanding. Students may indicate which ‘Optional Extras’ they may have chosen (if any) and pay those fees at registration. Students will be informed of their accommodation and will be directed to it by our supervisors.

  • Parents may not enter the accommodation areas at any stage during the course as part of our Child protection Policy. The staff at Coláiste Laighean will help the students to settle themselves into their accommodation on the first evening.
  • Our teachers will be available at registration to meet parents and discuss any further information, medical or otherwise that may have come to light since the completion of the original application form.


Students will depart early on the final day of the course. Parents/Guardians collecting students are asked to do so between 9.30 – 10.30am.

Settling In

Students will be given every help and encouragement to settle in and feel at home. Sometimes this may take a little while. Parents should rest assured that if there is a serious problem in this regard they will be advised by staff. If a student telephones home within the first few days of any course, we would request parents to advise them to stay. It is our experience that even the most homesick do eventually settle down. Students should let our Principal/ teachers/Cinnirí know if they are experiencing difficulties. Students may speak to our Principal/Vice Principal or teacher in English if they are having problems. (These are the only staff members allowed to speak English and do so only in the case of student distress). The course Principal may suggest a visit from parents if he/she feels this would improve the situation.


Coláiste Laighean will arrange a bus from Dublin for our summer courses if there is sufficient demand. Apart from that, students must make their own way to the Coláiste.

Visiting Day

  • Parents/Guardians who wish to visit their children/bring them out for lunch/home on Visiting day, (approx half way through the course) should do so at 11.00am – 12.00pm. Students may be returned to campus at any time after 5pm during the afternoon/evening but should be back by 9.30pm at the latest.

Matches / Visits etc

If you wish to collect your son/daughter for a match/other event during the course, you must firstly text our (Principal) with the details and with as much notice as possible so that we may have your child at our security cabin (at entrance) for collection. This early notice by text will help avoid any crossover with Coláiste tours.

If you wish your child to be collected by another adult you must also text permission by text to the Principal. Your child will not be released from the Coláiste without this text, which serves as a written permission from the parent.

Any parent/guardian removing a student from the course must sign them out on leaving the campus and must sign them back in on return to campus at the security hut at the Coláiste entrance. This helps us ensure the safety and security of our students at all times while at Coláiste Laighean. Students may not be collected before 8am should be returned to the campus before 11.00pm at the latest.


Items Not Allowed

In the interest of preserving the Gaeltacht atmosphere on our courses the following items are not allowed and any such items will be confiscated:

  • Mobile phones/smart watches
  • Any audio equipment such as radios or MP3/4 players
  • Laptops or any tablet devices such as or similar to i-pad, kindle etc
  • items such as or similar to PSPs and Nintendo DS
  • Audio or reading in any language other than Irish

In the interest of student health and safety – alcoholic beverages, tobacco, glue type substances, Tipp-Ex, aerosols (including deodorants) are forbidden and will be confiscated. The same applies to knives, substances such as hair dye or any other objects that the Course Manager deems to be threat to the safety of the students. Vapes or E-Cigarettes are not permitted and they will be confiscated.

Sliotars are not permitted on the campus, except in the case of a hurling activity organised as part of afternoon sports. A tennis ball may be used as an alternative.

Use of Mobile Phones

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones, however, parents have told us that in the age of having immediate contact with their child they find it difficult when they send their child to Euro Languages College and they have no contact.

At designated times/evenings students may call home on their own phones. The students will have no more than 5 minutes to call but it should reassure you that your child is safe and well and it is possible that you will receive a call anytime in the window between 7.30pm and 8.00pm. Students will then hand back their phones to be kept in the office.

Also, in an effort to simplify the arrangements for Sunday visits students will be again permitted to phone home between the same time period either on Friday or Saturday; the information pack provided closer to the time will confirm the day. This is because we find many students want parents to bring certain items and it can be complicated to pass messages through the office to parents and vice versa. The phones will again be handed back to the office after the call has been made.

To make contact with the course at any other time, you will have to call the college telephone number (provided shortly before course start date).