About Us

 As a privately run College ‘Coláiste Laighean’ offers Junior and Senior courses with classes directed towards preparation for state exams. Good Counsel College’s private campus, located just outside New Ross town, offers a unique opportunity to create a Gaeltacht atmosphere and provides a true learning experience for all students in the Sunny South East. The campus provides an excellent learning environment, offering a wide range of educational, sporting and social activities, boarding accommodation and a modern restaurant.

Our History

Coláiste Laighean has been a remarkable success story since it started in 2004 offering a real alternative to the traditional trips west to the gaeltachtaí on the Campus of Good Counsel College, New Ross.

An Ghaeilge

As the main purpose of the course is to develop the pupils’ Irish language fluency, Coláiste Laighean has a strict but fair rule regarding communication. 

  1. If a student speaks a complete sentence in English, they will receive a verbal warning.
  2. If a student speaks a complete sentence in English for a second time, they will receive a further verbal warning.
  3. If a student speaks a full sentence in English a third time, their parents are informed.
  4. If a student speaks a full English sentence for a fourth time they will have to be removed from the course and picked up by their parents/guardians.


We hope that all students will enjoy the course and leave with a better standard of Irish, learning in a fun and safe environment. Those not committed to making an honest effort however should not apply for a course. In the unlikely event that your child is removed from the Coláiste, fees are non-refundable.

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A true learning experience for all students in the Sunny South East

Course Staff

The teachers and instructors at Coláiste Laighean are carefully selected and are among the best in their field. Our most senior staff coordinate and teach at our Junior & Leaving Cert revision courses. All our teaching staff strive for ‘excellence in Irish’ while helping our students to prepare for the state exams.

Our Cinnirí & Cúntóirí (student assistants) are employed to supervise and assist the students as they try to improve their Irish while at Coláiste Laighean. We believe that having excellent Cinnirí & Cuntóirí ensures the success of our courses.