Course A –  Leaving Certificate Revision (16th & 17th February 2023)

Day 1 – Oral and Aural / Day 2 – Paper 1 & 2 

An intensive two day revision course for Higher Level Leaving Certificate students. The first day of the course focuses on “An Fáiltiú”, “An tSraithpictiúr”, “Cómhrá” and “Cluastuiscint”. Our experienced teachers will provide clear instructions on best practice and study techniques to enable students to prepare for these parts of the exam with confidence, All teachers are fully qualified Department of Education examiners. We will focus on Paper 1 & Paper 2 during the second day. The course will include instruction on the Aiste, Léamhthuiscint, Prós, Filíocht and Gramadach. Students will receive instruction in the morning and afternoon, and will be given excellent notes that will be of great benefit to them while preparing for their final exams. This course is Higher Level only

Course B – Junior Cycle Revision (Full course – Saturday-18th February 2023)

This is an intensive one day revision course covering all aspects of the Junior Cycle Irish course. Course B is designed for Higher Level students.

Students should make their own arrangements for lunch on Courses A & B.