With the health and safety of our students our priority during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have taken the decision not to go ahead with our courses at Coláiste Laighean this summer 2020. The degree of social mixing in having hundreds of teenagers partake in our cúrsaí Gaeilge is the polar opposite to social distancing.  Even if community transmissions are brought under control there is always the very real concern that further localized cases can occur. Should this happen during any of our cúrsaí Gaeilge it would have very serious consequences for many people.

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We are aware that many of our students will be very disappointed as they will have been looking forward to a summer of adventure and learning Gaeilge with their friends at Coláiste Laighean. Many will hope to transfer their deposit to a course next year ‘2021’, while others unable to attend will have the option of a refund. We expect 2021 to be very busy while people try to plug the gaps left in their education by the Covid-19 Pandemic. People are asked to choose from the following Options;

Option 1 – Forwarding deposit to 2021:          

Proposed Dates for 2021:

Cúrsa A – Thu 18th & Fri 19th Feb (Leaving Cert Revision course) 

Cúrsa B – Sat 20th Feb – (Junior Cycle Revision course) 

Cúrsa C – 29th June – 13th July (2nd – 5th year inclusive) 2 weeks

Cúrsa D – 16th July – 30th July (6th class – 2nd year inclusive) 2 weeks 

Cúrsa E – 1st  Aug – 8th Aug (6th class – 2nd year inclusive) 1 week

Option 2 – Cancelling application: 

Coláiste Laighean will refund a full deposit in cases of cancellation. This repayment will be made in September/October. We apologise for delay but we need to ensure that sufficient funds are in place. (This allows us to commit to a full refund of fees, while bearing in mind that many other Irish colleges have been unable to do so). 

Like any other Irish College in the country, Coláiste Laighean used some of the 2020 deposits to prepare for our 2020 courses. Substantial payments have been made to revenue for PAYE, PRSI, USC to cover payments for summer staff (cost is spread over 12 months). Other substantial costs include insurance, beds & Mattresses, advertising, office costs, rent, web & IT development, postage, printing, promotion, professional services etc.

Please email Caoimhín at colaistelaighean@gmail.com to confirm which option you would like to take. Please confirm your choice before Oct 1st 2020 at the latest. 

(In the case of ‘Option 2’, parents should include their IBAN code to facilitate a refund by electronic bank transfer)