Teachers and instructors on the course are very experienced, fully fluent in Gaeilge and have been involved in other Coláistí Samhraidh for many years. The teachers bring a range of different ideas and teaching methods to ensure that your sons and daughters benefit from a progressive learning experience.

Clár an Lae (Daily Programme)

9:00am Bricfeasta (not 2021)
10:00am-1:00pm Ranganna
1:00pm Lón
2:30pm-5:00pm Imeachtaí Íarnóna (Sport and Leisure Activities)
6:00pm Dinnéar (not 2021)
7:00pm Céilí (not 2021)
10:00pm Sna Tithe/Seomraí (not 2021)
11:00pm Soilse Múchta/Codlata (not 2021)

Ranganna (Classes)

Rang 1 – Bunstruchtúr na Teanga

In this class the pupil will be taught the very basics of the Irish Language, focusing particularly on Irish Grammar.

Rang 2 – Rang Scrúdaithe
In this class the pupil focuses entirely on exam preparation. Students will be given comprehensive notes to help them prepare for the state exams.

Rang 3 – Cluastuiscint
With the aid of past paper questions, students will develop their listening comprehension

Rang 4 – Rang Cultúrtha/Labhartha
In this class pupils will learn songs, customs and traditions of the Irish culture. Senior students will focus on preparation for the Leaving Cert Oral.

Imeachtaí Íarnóna (Sport and Leisure Events)

Students will receive tuition in a range of sports during the afternoon session. Coláiste Laighean provides instruction in:

  • Cispheil (Basketball)
  • Peil Ghaelach (Gaelic Football)
  • Sacar (Soccer)
  • Snámh (Swimming)
  • Iomáint (Hurling)
  • Eitleog (Badminton)
  • Unihaca (Indoor Hockey)
  • Leadóg (Tennis)
  • Astrosacar (Soccer on Astroturf pitches)
  • Raicéad (Racquetball)
  • Liathróid Láimhe (Handball)
  • Seachain (Dodgeball)
  • Cluiche Cor (Rounders)
  • Giomnáisiam (Cardiovascular and weight training)
  • Boghdóireacht (Archery)
  • Ealaín (Arts and Crafts)
  • Ceol (Music)


Always a highlight of the summer Gaeltacht experience, the céilí is a fun and informal social occasion. Students learn Irish dancing and music in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Our Themed Nights include ‘Black & White’ and ‘Fancy Dress’ Céilí.

School Tour
As a break from routine students are brought to a local bowling and leisure complex for an afternoon school tour. This is included in the course fee.

Students are also offered the option of participating in optional extra tours of paintball, kayaking or Surfing, at an additional cost.